In my view, this book is the headwear bible. Stunningly up to date, I eagerly await my new copy each year. It's great to have such an independent voice reporting on the hat world.
Mary Quill
The annual Hat Life book always has a tremendous amount of advice, strategies, and information on all things headwear related. As you read through the book, you learn a great deal. They provide a glimpse at upcoming trends and designs. This book is a no-brainer for anyone seriously working in the headwear industry.
Manny Smyrna
Great book! I received my copy a month ago and I am just finishing it. I have read it cover to cover. I was really impressed by its high quality and comprehensive insight! I have to admit - this may be the most thorough compilation of headwear info and sources that I have ever seen! You did a wonderful job researching the topics and putting it together in a very professional manner. Any chance you can put out two editions a year?
Justine Ismelda
Just wanted to let you know that I appreciate receiving the new Hat Life book very much and think you did an excellent job. It motivated me to redo my website and I created a social network for my company. Love your newsletter too!
Sarah Santiago
I love all the great pictures and witty insight on upcoming trends. It seems like the book is getting bigger which is the opposite of most magazines I receive that seem to be shrinking. Keep up the great job.
Miles Boswell
Every time I need a new vendor or resource, I grab for my Hat Life book. Since I'm getting a little more computer savvy, I have started using the online directory too which I love!
Alexandra Kromwell
Want to get an idea of how incredibly thorough and detailed each section of this book is? Check out a sample on us!
Download a sample of HAT LIFE 2012 and see for yourself. See several pages each from our FASHION FOCUS, CREATIVE CONFIDENTIAL, STRICTLY BUSINESS and RESOURCE DIRECTORY sections.
You have never read a resource book as thorough and as well thought out as Hat Life 2012. You get 24 chapters, 145 articles, 4,000 company listings and over 386 pages of solid, straightforward information you can use right away. With this 22-chapter, 416 page landmark handbook, you will get the very best information available in the headwear industry.
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